Beryl Audio Forensics
Laboratory, Incorporated
Welcome to Beryl Audio Forensics Laboratory, Inc.

My name is Bruce Lebovitz and I am the owner and operator of BAFL, Inc.

I've been a professional audio engineer for 38 years, audio post production engineer from 1986 to 2015 and audio forensics engineer from 2010 to today.

In addition to analyzing audio recordings provided by two branches of The United States Department of Justice (FBI field office in Pittsburgh PA & District Attorney of Cleveland OH), and The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, I have served clients in four countries.

Late in 2022, while retained on my largest assignment to date, I discovered a way to reveal multitrack workstation audio editing artifacts present in a single audio file. In 2023 I received two provisional US Patents (patents pending) for the discovery and additional follow up procedures that allow for the discovery to be both seen and heard.

My clients demand expert knowledge and expert technique in the field of audio forensics.

At Beryl Audio Forensics Laboratory, Inc., it is not just about analyzing and enhancing client provided audio recordings using cutting edge technology, it is about inventing it.

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